Oct 10-13th 2021 České Budějovice / Czech Republic

Czech Neurosurgical Society
Department of Neurosurgery, Hospital České Budějovice
University Hospital in Pilsen, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Charles University in Prague
Biology Centre, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to the 11th NEUROSURGICAL MICROVASCULAR WORKSHOP in Hospital České Budějovice, which will be held on Sunday 10th – Wednesday 13th OCT 2021.

First allow us to thank the expert guarantor: Prof. Martin Smrčka, President of Czech Neurosurgical Society for his support of workshop, that has become a tradition. No less important for the existence of the meeting is the technical background provided by the Institute of Parasitology, Biology Centre CAS. We would like to use this opportunity and thank director Prof. J. Lukeš for his assistance, which is vital for the organization of the workshop.

Microsurgical training in lab is important part for the development of neurosurgical skills for bypass surgery. This should be essential part of training in cerebrovascular neurosurgery. Experiment in rat´s microvascular anastomosis represents an ideal opportunity for such training. In the light of recent acute ischaemic stroke management, carotid endarterectomy indication is moving from asymptomatic to hot patients. Modern comprehensive stroke center needs experienced neurosurgeon, who can perform EC-IC bypass as well. A limited number of the procedures may be performed in selected subgroups of ischemic stroke patients regardless of the results of COSS study. A neurosurgeon should be technically equipped for this situation.

The purpose of our workshop is to provide training for those trainees or specialists who want to improve their microsurgical technical skills.

The Live Surgery will take place within the workshop. EC-IC flow augmentation bypass and/or Carotid Micro endarterectomies will be performed. It is a tradition to spend this time with experts from abroad. Famous neurosurgeons participated in past workshops. Professors Hernesniemi, Tulleken, Šteňo and Beneš among others. This year it is great pleasure for us to invite prof. Fady T. Charbel, Head of Department of Neurosurgery at UIC Chicago, USA, prof. Tomohiro Inoue, Director of the Department of Neurosurgery, NTT Hospital, Tokyo, Japan and Prof. Pavel Chechulov, Head of Department of Neurosurgery St. Petersburg Research Institute of Emergency Medicine, Russia.

Due to the limited capacity of the facilities, the organizers unfortunately had to limit the number of participants and therefore kindly ask for applications to be sent to the address of the organizing committee. We are looking forward to seeing you in České Budějovice.

Yours sincerely

Jiri Fiedler
Vladimir Přibáň

Under the auspices of:

President of Czech Neurosurgical Society
M. Smrčka

Director of the Hospital České Budějovice
M. Šnorek

Dean of Medical Faculty Pilsen, Charles University
J. Fínek


  • Fady T. Charbel, MD, FAANS, FACS. Professor and Head of the Department of Neurosurgery, Richard L. and Gertrude W. Fruin Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
  • Prof. Tomohiro Inoue, MD, Director of the Department of Neurosurgery NTT Medical Center Tokyo, Japan
  • Pavel V. Chechulov, MD, PhD. Head of the Department of Neurosurgery, St. Petersburg Research Institute of Emergency Medicine, Russia
  • Antti-Pekka Elomaa MD., Ph.D., Adjunct Professor in Neurosurgery, Kuopio University Hospital - Neurocenter Neurosurgery, University of Eastern Finland - Clinical Medicine, Finland.
  • Felix Goehre MD, PhD, Department of Neurosurgery, Stroke Center, Bergmannstrost Hospital Halle, Halle, Germany
  • Prof. MUDr. Vladimír Beneš, DrSc., Praha
  • MUDr. Jiří Fiedler, Ph.D., MBA, České Budějovice
  • Doc. MUDr. Vladimír Přibáň, Ph.D., Plzeň
  • Prof. MUDr. Vladimír Beneš, Ph.D., Prague
  • MUDr. Marcela Míková, Ph.D., České Budějovice
  • Doc. MUDr. Jan Mraček, Ph.D., Plzeň
  • MUDr. Mirka Nevšímalová, České Budějovice
  • Prof. MUDr. Martin Sameš, Ph.D., Ústí nad Labem
  • Prof. MUDr. Martin Smrčka, Ph.D., MBA, Brno
  • MUDr. Luděk Štěrba, České Budějovice
  • Doc. MUDr. Miroslav Vaverka, Ph.D., Olomouc

Organizing committee:

Workshop secretary MUDr. Marek Grubhoffer, České Budějovice
MUDr. Jiří Dostál, Ph.D., Plzeň
Dana Zabranská, České Budějovice
Ing. Pavel Klein, Ph.D., Plzeň
Bc. Iva Nováková, MBA, České Budějovice


Clarion Congress Hotel

Welcome, opening remarks

HANDS - ON – Biology Centre CAS

Shuttle bus to the course venue (Biology Centre CAS) leaves hotel Clarion at 7:30 a.m.


Inoue T: How to become a master of microranastomosis with dry vessels

HANDS - ON: Dry Vessels

Lunch (on-site catering)

HANDS - ON: Rat-Femoral bundle, end-to-end anastomosis

Shuttle bus from Biology Centre leaves at 4:15 p.m.

Dinner, Kozlovna restaurant

HANDS - ON – Biology Centre CAS

Shuttle bus to the course venue (Biology Centre CAS) leaves hotel Clarion at 7:30 a.m.

HANDS - ON: Rat-Femoral bundle, end-to-side anastomosis

Lunch - on site catering

HANDS - ON: Rat-Carotid arteries, Iliac arteries.

Shuttle bus from Biology Centre leaves at 4:30 p.m.

Cerebrovascular Symposium (Clarion Congress Hotel)

LIVE SURGERY Hospital České Budějovice

Shuttle bus to the course venue (Hospital České Budějovice) leaves hotel Clarion at 8:00 a.m.


The end of workshop, participants receive certificates

Clarion Congress Hotel České Budějovice

Clarion Congress Hotel České Budějovice

Clarion Congress Hotel České Budějovice is a newly renovated modern four-star hotel in České Budějovice. The hotel was already open in 1982 and was operated under the name Hotel Gomel until February 2011. Renovation took 14 months, transforming the original building into a four-star hotel bristling with new technology. Together with the increase in the standard of services, the hotel was incorporated into the Choice Hotels International group and has been in operation since April 2012 under the new name - Clarion Congress Hotel České Budějovice.

Workshop Agenda

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Course secretary:

MUDr. Marek Grubhoffer
email: marek.grubhoffer@gmail.com